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Removal of finger size cores of thatch and soil from your lawn. Best when done in fall, though also effective in early spring. Allows water, fertilizer and air to permeate the soil and thus encourages healthy root development.



White grub control


If you need this optional control, we will make as many applications as necessary to control the problem for a season--at one low price.


Deep root tree/shrub fertilization


Provides tress and shrubs with nutrients that may be lacking in local soils. The result: healthy leaves and improved vigor and stress tolerance.


Fungus control


We will identify the fungus, make recommendations on which fungicide to use, frequency of application, and proper ultural practices.


Iron injections for pin oaks


Depletion of this essential nutrient can shorten your tree's life and cause it to lose leaves and turn yellow. An injection of iron can prevent such problems or even restore the tree's vigor.


Tree/shrub insects and fungus control


We can solve problems or prevent them from starting. If your neighbors are having trouble with their trees and shrubs, you might call us before their problems become your problems.


We are environmentally conscious


We use slow release granulated fertilizers that are absorbed naturally through the root system. We select quality herbicides and pesticides, for safety as well as for effectiveness. All LAWNCO service personnel are EPA certified applicators.




LAWNCO guarntees satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns about the application, simply notify us. We will return to answer your questions at no extra cost.




Let us help eliminate these problems!



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