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Our 5-Step Program for a lush, green lawn

EARLY SPRING (Late March to mid-May)House


The days are getting longer, Lincoln's annual rainy season has begun. Your lawn is beginning to turn green, helped in part by t he LATE FALL application of fertilizer that LAWNCO applied last year. Now LAWNCO applies another dose of granulated fertilizer to give your lawn a n added boost of nutrients. Additionally, the pre-emergent annual grassy weed control that LAWNCO applies will help your grass establish itself without having to compete with weeds.


LATE SPRING (May to mid-June)


Your lawn has grown green and lush from the healthful spring rains and nutritious fertilizer LAWNCO applied in EARLY SPRING. To keep it that way and to make sure that the weeds stay away, LAWNCO applies another dose of fertilizer and additional weed control. Since the coming summer will also bring with it a variety of predatory insects that feed on grass and so it turn s brown, LAWNCO applies insect control that keeps the population of
these insects down.


SUMMER (July and August)


Lincoln's hot and humid summer has begun. LAWNCO applies ingredients to improve your lawn's stress hardiness, to strengthen its root system, and to help maintain its lush, green color all summer long, without excessive top growth.


EARLY FALL (mid-August to mid-October)


With regular watering and proper mowing, your lawn has stayed green and healthy through the searing heat of  July and August. Now it's time for another healthful dose of nutrients and weed control for green-up and improved density.


LATE FALL (October and November)


The snow and ice of winter will soon be upon us. The LATE FALL application of fertilizer we apply will work for you all winter by strengthening your lawn's root system, increasing the turfs ability to fill in thin or bare spots, and helping to crowd out weeds.yard




Since the technology of lawn care is constantly changing as we adopt to climatic fluctuations and incorporate new innovations, the specifics of LAWNCO'S five-step program change from year to year. Additionally, we also vary our program from lawn to lawn to meet that lawn's particular needs. Call us for a free consultation and program outline. Our number is 423-6060.


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